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Any question ?

2008-11-23 12:16:00 by www-kaywire-com

Any at all ?

Plus if you would like to work on my website just ask.

Im sure i can make you a space in there as long as you got something to show us.
Just Comment here or PM and i will tell you what you could do. ( Under heavy construction )


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2008-11-23 12:52:46

nice website...I wouldn't be able to do anything like that. is it a freeweb?

www-kaywire-com responds:

no...well not exactly.

To make a masked domain i had to pay a litle.

Plus the domain itself

cost be quite a bit. Well...ok i mean if at any point you change your and think you can animate, or advertise or code or anything just tell me :)


2008-12-01 17:54:11

yes about the website yes well i can do photography or even pictures anything also i have a company of my own its called: brick productions: and two others k thank you for your time : )

www-kaywire-com responds: you can use photoshop ?


2008-12-09 21:38:52


Horror Simulator Full Version?

www-kaywire-com responds:

I already apologized for the delay.....It had some copyright problems....but god it was beatifull it made me scare my self shit less.

But dont worry it will be out soon....we just have to redo a few scenes due to copyright problems and maybe around new year or so ( hopefully ) We will give some creeps....could potential be one of the scariest things on the internet.


2009-01-03 01:31:50

hello my friend.

www-kaywire-com responds:

whad up ?


2009-07-09 18:31:26

i lke the horror sim. no were i can find the full game?


2009-11-01 21:26:02

Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at

* Check the address for typing errors such as instead of

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Sad face.


2010-10-30 18:08:27

Yarr, I've been banned too, however, it's sleep time for me anyway, by the time I'll wake up, the ban will be lifted :)


2010-10-30 18:19:45

Ai, a one month ban.



2010-10-30 18:22:41

I'm banned too, let's make a complaint to Tom about the spam thread rule, it sucks dick and 90% of the time they're not fucking spam threads!

My ban was deserved however, but way too long.