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2007-11-22 04:23:33 by www-kaywire-com is bad in one way for that its ranks are :

Scout or Ranger or Police.

HOWEVER In my website

You can actualy do those jobs !!! FOR NOW ITS a forum but soon it will be a big web It even has a test PORTAL where soon you can submmit things.

YOU have a chanse of becoming an admin or a mod.

These are the starter ranks :

No one
Junior Member
Senior member
Flash master....and so on until you get to your first Mod rank called : SCOUT where you can wonder around and have a persmission of locking threads ONLY

A Ranger can Ban people up to two days and so on... Many Ranks...Many freinds...Alot of fun.



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2007-11-22 12:30:55

Cool! I'll enter in the site!

www-kaywire-com responds:



2007-11-22 12:32:15

Cool! I'll enter in the site!!! With flashs or not you rock!

www-kaywire-com responds:

Man you rock even more for forgiving, Il also post my very own flahs soon..By the way did you join ?


2007-11-28 14:56:46

Im in.


2007-12-03 09:16:44

you guys just wish that you had a life like kaywire!!! you n00bs!!! die in a fire ; |


2008-02-12 16:26:51

not much


2008-02-14 16:09:30

So it's:


When I type that in the URL box, it doesn't load up. SITE IS BROKEN SITE IS BROKEN

www-kaywire-com responds:

no its not. il send u a PM of a Back up page


2008-02-14 16:16:35

Its not a wonder no one is using the site.

www-kaywire-com responds:

The Advertisments are Taken down its under construction