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2010-11-01 14:03:00 by www-kaywire-com


Any question ?

2008-11-23 12:16:00 by www-kaywire-com

Any at all ?

Plus if you would like to work on my website just ask.

Im sure i can make you a space in there as long as you got something to show us.
Just Comment here or PM and i will tell you what you could do. ( Under heavy construction )

Please guys.

2008-08-22 11:25:02 by www-kaywire-com

Visit my youtube acount as its becoming abandoned...and subscribe,.


I was bored...

2008-08-09 04:51:05 by www-kaywire-com

So yeh...

I was bored...

Horror Simulator

2008-08-02 20:04:36 by www-kaywire-com



This Simulator will make you go crazy...... Bringing your adrenaline to limmits..

Part book...Part game...Part movie....Part Interacve animation....Evp.

Doesnt get much more real than actualy bieng in the haunted house itself......

coming out soon. HORROR SIMULATOR.....

Hell is only seconds away.....

Horror Simulator

This is a web acount.

2008-07-26 14:52:20 by www-kaywire-com

This is the acount presented from the whole of my web . Personal is :

Any question or If you want to join the staff section on kaywire WHILE some spaces are available COMMENT and PM now!

Hey if you want to help in i can make you a staff memmber just Pm and comment i will reply.


2007-11-22 04:23:33 by www-kaywire-com is bad in one way for that its ranks are :

Scout or Ranger or Police.

HOWEVER In my website

You can actualy do those jobs !!! FOR NOW ITS a forum but soon it will be a big web It even has a test PORTAL where soon you can submmit things.

YOU have a chanse of becoming an admin or a mod.

These are the starter ranks :

No one
Junior Member
Senior member
Flash master....and so on until you get to your first Mod rank called : SCOUT where you can wonder around and have a persmission of locking threads ONLY

A Ranger can Ban people up to two days and so on... Many Ranks...Many freinds...Alot of fun.


Public Appology.

2007-11-18 09:47:23 by www-kaywire-com

I have rely did Steal flashes and i have sent an Email to both Animators saying sorry.

Now i hope you forgive me because from now on there will be no more Stealing going around from me i Promisse.

I have removed all cartoon appart from 3 : One of which is My own RETARDED STICKS.

And the others it doesnt remove due to the Trophies.

Please put a : + If u forgive and a - if you dont

I mean i tried and Even emailed the owners


2007-11-17 05:55:32 by www-kaywire-com

Just post comments and i will try to answer your questions if it is against me you will be banned by PM and Userpage.